Running Configuration Mediant SW


configure network tls 0 name default tls-version unlimited ciphers-server “RC4:AES128” ciphers-client “DEFAULT” ocsp-server disable ocsp-port 2560 dh-key-size 1024 ocsp-default-response reject exit tls 1 name DirectRouting tls-version tls-v1.2 ciphers-server “RC4:AES128” ciphers-client “DEFAULT” ocsp-server disable ocsp-port 2560 dh-key-size 2048 ocsp-server-primary ocsp-server-secondary ocsp-default-response reject exit dns srv2ip 0 domain-name “directrouting.local” transport-type tls dns-name-1 “” priority-1 1 weight-1 1 port-1 5061 dns-name-2 “” priority-2 2 weight-2 1 port-2 5061 dns-name-3 “” priority-3 3 weight-3 1 port-3 5061 activate exit dns settings dns-default-primary-server-ip dns-default-secondary-server-ip activate exit mtc settings sbc-cluster-mode disabled sbc-device-role sbc-or-signaling-component-(sc) activate exit physical-port 0 port-description “User Port#0” activate exit static 0 destination prefix-length 32 device-name “vlan 1” gateway activate exit exit


configure voip coders-and-profiles ip-profile 1 profile-name “ITSP” sbc-media-security-behaviour rtp sbc-rmt-refer-behavior handle-locally sbc-rmt-mltple-18x-supp not-supported sbc-rmt-replaces-behavior handle-locally activate exit coders-and-profiles ip-profile 2 profile-name “DirectRouting” sbc-media-security-behaviour srtp sbc-rmt-update-supp not-supported sbc-rmt-re-invite-supp supported-only-with-sdp sbc-rmt-delayed-offer not-supported sbc-rmt-refer-behavior handle-locally remote-hold-Format inactive activate exit coders-and-profiles audio-coders-groups 0 coders-group-name “AudioCodersGroups_0” activate audio-coders 0 name g711-alaw p-time 20 rate 64 activate exit exit realm 0 name “ITSP” ipv4if “eth0” port-range-start 6000 session-leg 10 topology-location up activate exit realm 1 name “DirectRouting” ipv4if “eth0” port-range-start 7000 session-leg 10 activate exit sbc routing sbc-routing-policy 0 name “Default_SBCRoutingPolicy” activate exit srd 0 name “DefaultSRD” activate exit sip-interface 0 interface-name “ITSP” network-interface “eth0” tcp-port 0 tls-port 0 tcp-keepalive-enable enable media-realm-name “ITSP” topology-location up activate exit sip-interface 1 interface-name “DirectRouting” network-interface “eth0” udp-port 0 tcp-port 0 tls-port 5067 tls-context-name “DirectRouting” tls-mutual-auth enable tcp-keepalive-enable enable classification_fail_response_type 0 media-realm-name “DirectRouting” activate exit proxy-set 0 proxy-name “ProxySet_0” sbcipv4-sip-int-name “ITSP” activate exit proxy-set 1 proxy-name “ITSP” proxy-enable-keep-alive using-options sbcipv4-sip-int-name “ITSP” activate proxy-ip 0 proxy-address “” transport-type udp activate exit exit proxy-set 2 proxy-name “DirectRouting” proxy-enable-keep-alive using-options proxy-load-balancing-method random-weights is-proxy-hot-swap enable tls-context-name “DirectRouting” dns-resolve-method srv sbcipv4-sip-int-name “DirectRouting” activate proxy-ip 0 proxy-address “directrouting.local” transport-type tls activate exit exit ip-group 0 name “Default_IPG” proxy-set-name “ProxySet_0” classify-by-proxy-set disable activate exit ip-group 1 name “ITSP” proxy-set-name “ITSP” media-realm-name “ITSP” ip-profile-name “ITSP” sbc-operation-mode b2bua topology-location up activate exit ip-group 2 name “DirectRouting” proxy-set-name “DirectRouting” media-realm-name “DirectRouting” classify-by-proxy-set disable ip-profile-name “DirectRouting” local-host-name “” always-use-source-addr enable dtls-context “DirectRouting” sbc-operation-mode b2bua activate exit gateway manipulation settings outbound-map-set 1 activate exit media security media-security-enable on media-sec-bhvior preferable-single-media activate exit media rtp-rtcp udp-port-spacing 5 activate exit message message-manipulations 0 manipulation-name “DirectRouting” manipulation-set-id 1 message-type “Options” condition “Param.Message.Address.Dst.SIPInterface==’1’” action-subject “Header.Contact.URL.Host” action-type modify action-value “‘’” activate exit sbc routing condition-table 0 name “DirectRouting-Contact” condition “ contains ‘’” activate exit sbc routing ip2ip-routing 0 route-name “Options Terminate” request-type options dst-type dst-address dst-address “Internal” activate exit sbc routing ip2ip-routing 1 route-name “Refer” re-route-ip-group-name “DirectRouting” trigger refer dst-type request-uri dst-ip-group-name “DirectRouting” activate exit sbc routing ip2ip-routing 2 route-name “ITSP to DirectRouting” src-ip-group-name “ITSP” dst-ip-group-name “DirectRouting” activate exit sbc routing ip2ip-routing 3 route-name “DirectRouting to ITSP” src-ip-group-name “DirectRouting” dst-ip-group-name “ITSP” activate exit sbc classification 0 classification-name “DirectRouting” message-condition-name “DirectRouting-Contact” src-sip-interface-name “DirectRouting” dst-host “” src-ip-group-name “DirectRouting” activate exit



configure system clock summer-time activate exit utc-offset 36000 activate exit ntp primary-server “” activate exit sbc-performance-settings sbc-performance-profile optimized-for-sip activate exit exit


configure troubleshoot syslog syslog on debug-level detailed syslog-ip activate exit activate exit