PowerShell to Jekyll Markdown (ps2jekyll)

This script will document a PowerShell Module into MarkDown text ready to use on a Jekyll or a Git Pages Website.


A simple script that will document a PowerShell module and turn each function into a Markdown file that can then be uploaded to a Jekyll website.

This script is purpose built to generate Markdown files compatible with Jekyll websites only. If you require a more flexible script try psdoc by Chase Florell instead.

For an example of the output of this script on a Jekyll website visit worddoc docs


Manually specify the .psd1 file to load and the output path.

.\ps2jekyll\ps2Jekyll.ps1 -Module WordDoc -ModulePath .\worddoc\WordDoc\WordDoc.psd1 -outputpath .\worddoc\docs\_docs\


Specify the module name and the output path.

.\ps2jekyll\ps2Jekyll.ps1 -Module WordDoc -outputpath .\worddoc\docs\_docs\


psdoc by Chase Florell. I use this script when I need a more flexible script than this one to create HTML or Markdown.